Catskills Wedding Photography | Published in New York Magazine

Very excited to see Pablo and Emily’s wedding in the Catskills featured in New York Magazine Weddings.

The issue is out now. If you’re planning an NYC Wedding, go grab a copy. It has tons of great inspiration and the best vendor directory in New York.

Bride and Groom dance under moonlight and light bulbs on their wedding day

Groom standin in the catskill mountains in New York

Here’s what NYM had to say:

Pablo Kohan, 35, and Emily Davidian, 36, met as co-workers at an architecture firm in 2012 and successfully hid their romance until the office holiday party. “It was the most obvious coming-out,” Pablo remembers.”We rolled in together the next morning two hours late.” When choosing a venue, the couple wanted to share their passion for biking upstate with their 55 guests and selected a friend’s flower farm. “Our friend trimmed the apple tree so people could stand under it. The tree forced people to get close.” At the reception, guests dined on Middle Easterns dishes like pomegranate couscous, in a nod to Emily’s Armenian heritage, followed by dulce de leche ice cream for Pablo (who’s Argentine). Later in the night, the farm’s owner, Joncy Bennett, started a bonfire. “After failed attempts, he came out with a blowtorch,” remembers Pablo. “All the adults were worried that he was about to light our wedding on fire. It would have been a cool finale.”

Venue: Teensa Flower Farm

Dress: Rime Arodaky

Shoes: Free People

Catering: Lekker Catering

Wedding Bands: Designed by Pablo (groom) and cast by Shapeways

You can view more of their wedding here.