Metropolitan Building | Ruffled Blog | Judy + Hai

February 1, 2017

Judy and Hai’s Metropolitan Building Wedding was featured in Ruffled Blog!  Such a beautiful wedding.  Here is a what Judy had to say:

For our wedding, Hai and I really wanted to celebrate both our relationship and our Vietnamese heritage. When I envisioned our day, I saw soft flowers and pastels bathed in candlelight. I wanted an open space that felt homey and romantic with small personal touches spread here and there. I didn’t choose specific colors, and when asked if I had a theme, I would say buzzwords like “vintage romance,” not even comprehending what that meant truly.

I am from Texas, and Hai is from Rochester, so when we learned most of our extended family and friends would be coming to our wedding in New York, we were extremely grateful and wanted it to be an incredibly fun, yet elegant, reunion. We collected cherished family photos to share at the “Family Memories” and “Wish You Were Here” tables. Hai’s father and all of our grandparents have passed away, and it was important to us to remember them. We heeded the advice of many friends to focus on the things that would be most significant in the long run, and to us, that was the ceremony. We asked Hai’s brother to hold the ceremony and my brother to bookend it with the final reading. In Vietnam, the Wedding Tea Ceremony is traditionally the wedding itself, and we wanted to be sure to incorporate the custom. We served tea to our parents to signify our love and respect for all of their sacrifices before receiving gifts from them. All of the little hairs on my body stood straight up when both of our moms couldn’t put their gifts of jewelry on me because they were so overwhelmed with emotion, and Hai jumped in and finished both jobs, tricky clasps and all.



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